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At Sedna we always think in favor of the environment and for the elaboration of our products we use materials of organic origin such as cotton, or recycled PET derivatives from collected bottles. In this way we reduce the amount of plastic used for the manufacture of textile garments or we give use to products that were already used and that can still be used in the future.

As this is a project that clearly positions itself against single-use plastic, we use cardboard packaging to protect our products during shipping, thus ensuring that used cardboard can be recycled. In addition, each of our necklaces comes in a bag made of linen that can be used later to ensure that no waste is generated that could affect the environment.


All of our business cards are also made from recycled cardboard, so we respect the forests and reduce the use of plasticized paper that pollutes our terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

The use of plastics has only grown uncontrollably over the years and many think there is still room to do nothing but the time for change is now and Sedna is working to make that happen. How? find out in each section.



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