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A Biomedical engineer specialising in carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

He thinks he' s great because he builds things with 3D printers, but he knows for certain that the best creation in the universe is nature.

Although he makes mistakes, like trying to describe himself in the third person, he is always trying to improve. An energetic person, addicted to learning and enjoys absorbing information. His goal is to understand how things work. 

How is it possible that the most intelligent creature that has ever walked the planet earth is destroying its home?

As a good geek and freak he thinks that technology and nature are compatible. Technology allows us to improve, nature shows us how to do it. If you want to follow my other projects you can do it from


He believes in Karma and bases his life on ikigai.

ANTONIO, but people call me TONI

Change starts
with oneself

IGNACIO, but people call me NACHO

Marine biologist, zoologist, communicator and above all nature lover in every single way.

I like the colour blue and the smell of the sea. My favourite number is seven ( Could it have anything to do with the seven seas? ) 


I am always ready to jump in the water … just to admire the animals around!

Reading is a necessity in my life. I am an avid reader and it is a very rewarding, especially when I can identify myself between the lines.

Everything happens for a reason, don’t you think?

Being a nomadic wildlife photographer helps me wander in between my two preferred environments: liquid water and solid ground.

I am a fervent advocate of the animals

through different media.

“The open water chills me to my bones, but it’s the only place that I feel alive” Thrice-open water.mp3


If you ever want to talk find me in the blue ocean, and don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear with you!

It’s always oureselves 
we find in the sea
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear
of being wrong

CRISTINA, but people call me CRIS

Graphic designer by vocation and devotion.

I always think twice before throwing myself into the water (ironically and seriously speaking).

I have a “fictitious daughter”: her name?

Small, simplistic and a lot of white in between, it just defines who I am.

Writing and reading are my two favourite pastimes and this helps to improve my vocabulary. They help me to disconnect and to make me feel free.

I have an unusual taste for the music or just different to the others.

Being polite is essential in my life.

I respect and admire the ocean deeply. Nature, as people say, it is wise and wisdom always draws my attention.


And I stop here.. too much talk! Thanks for reading me.

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