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The use of plastics has only grown uncontrollably over the years and many think there is still room to do nothing but the time for change is now and Sedna is working to make that happen. How? find out in each section.




Sedna is a project created to preserve marine nature through environmental awareness, dissemination and education. As part of our commitment, we make a financial donation with each of our sales and in this way both the consumer and we help local associations to carry out their missions and purposes.

The donation is made at the end of each season and the percentage of the t-shirts and necklaces contribute 5% of the donation, which is shared equally with the collaborating entity.


At the time of making the donation, a prize is awarded to the association that has a project related to the collection of plastics on the beaches or in the sea. By choosing a local association and not a global one, we guarantee that the donation is invested in the same place where our articles are offered, in this way we also encourage the circular economy.

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